Jessica Gordon Photography


Sometimes the world is trying to tell you something. If you aren’t listening for it, sometimes the world shows you that something. If you aren’t looking for it either, sometimes you need your friend to point out the big, bright red stop signs directly in front of you in the middle of a park. 


A few weeks back the guys at Matygo asked me to do some professional headshots for them. Of course you can’t take a couple good looking guys in sharp clothes into the streets of vancouver without getting a little business-fashion-catalog on them. Meet Paul and Joe - the founders of Matygo. They make education software, and look awesome in suit jackets. Check out to learn about what they do!


Being a woman is a messed up thing. Being a girl was confusing enough, but every year older I get, I realize more about femaledom that blows me away.

I have so much respect for women, it’s ridiculous, but man do we suck. The stories I have heard from my male friends about the shitty things girls have said or done to them.. it’s enough to give up on the female population all together. What’s worse, is when I hear these stories I know exactly what was going through that girl’s mind, because I have said, done, or at least thought that same thing at one stage or another. We are conniving, manipulative, irrational beings, and we know it. We are also never going to change.

We (well, most of us) don’t mean it, we just don’t know what to do with it. We have to balance out the caring, loving, mothering qualities with something. There is a reason most children run to mom when they hurt themselves. We just feel it all. We have all sorts of instincts that I haven’t even experienced yet, and the fact that women can be as together as they are, despite all this energy, boggles my mind.

We may be crazy.. but we are also beautiful, strong, and make human beings. And that’s pretty impressive in my books.

free fall

Sometimes you just want to feel free. Not just free from rules or obligations or time, but free from EVERYTHING. Free from your body. Free from gravity.

The most beautiful experience of my life, thus far, is my first skydive. They show you a video when you arrive, I assume to psyche you up. It made my palms sweat and I nearly backed out then and there. Sometime during the process of suiting up, I went calm. It felt like virtual reality. I was not stepping into the tiny tube of death they called a plane, I was stepping into a video game.

When we hit altitude a wave of tension passed though the plane, the door opened, the air rushed in, and the guy ahead of me set up and vanished. I was moved into position - most of my body hanging out of the door, feet hugging the under side of the plane, back arched, head tilted back.. somehow still calm.

And then… nothing. Nothing all around me. We somersaulted though the air before flattening out, and I screamed like never before. It’s safe to say the calm was gone at this point.

NOTHING can prepare you for this feeling. When you are falling from so high up that you actually can’t see the ground getting any closer, it is beyond words. They say the free fall from that altitude is about 45 seconds. Those 45 seconds were the best of my life and lasted forever.

decisions, decisions

This photo basically sums up my life thus far: I’ve got a foot firmly planted in two worlds, but both wear the same nerdy shoes.

I hate decisions. ANY kind of decisions. I sometimes change my socks three times before I leave the house, I have never lived in a place longer than six months (aside from the house I grew up it - a decision I didn’t have to make), I can crop a photo 400 times and still not be happy, and menus terrify me.

Life changing decisions are the worst, but I can turn just about any choice into a stressful event. There have been a fair few decisions come my way recently, of varying degrees of importance, so I thought it appropriate to bring back one of my favorite photos to state how I am currently feeling. Fuck it. I refuse to choose.